First, I am excited to announce our new blog!

Nicole and I have been working hard on creating something together and we decided it is ready for prime time. Check out for our thoughts, help, support, and reviews about being vegan in Tampa (or anywhere, really)!

We are going to share our experience of being vegan, living a vegan lifestyle, how we eat, what foods we like, what we wear, and what we think of the local fare, plus a bunch more.

All my posts about being vegan have been migrated over there for your convenience.

Even if you are not vegan, I hope you will subscribe to A Couple Vegans because it will be full of good ideas, things to think about and talk about, rant about, or make fun of.

Second, I have added a “Donation” button to both blogs. It is crazy to think there are enough readers of my little blog in the blogverse to help support the cost of hosting, domains, writing, and web maintenance. Blogging is a labor of love with little pay (actually with zero pay over the first 10 years or so) and it is humbling and exciting to have an audience big enough and generous enough to want to support what I am doing.

I have no plans to “commercialize” my blogs by junking them up with flashing banner ads or sponsor announcements, so the “Donate” button is pretty much all I am going to offer or ask for in terms of support.

Feel free to donate as little or as much as you choose. Frankly, if every reader of this blog donated $1, I could run both blogs for 3 years (but that would not cover the time investment of writing, editing, or reviewing restaurants, so if you want to donate more, we will not be offended!).

Finally, this is only the first of three phases. will ultimately split into 3 separate blogs: the main one (this one), A Couple Vegans, and one I have yet to announce (I have not settled on the name but it will be coming later in the year and will be centered around leadership and vision). If all goes as planned, you might even see a book for sale by the end of the year (say what? A whole book?!? Yep–who knows? We could go totally crazy and write TWO! The internets will let you have as many as you want!).

This blog ( will continue to be the home for my random musings, rants, and miscellaneous stuff, but the postings will be less frequent as I build and contribute to the other blogs (lessons of the day might become lessons of the week, but I will make sure they are powerful lessons!).

So that’s it. Check out A Couple Vegans. Subscribe to it, please, to have posts delivered right to your inbox (and there might be a few extra surprises only for subscribers later this year).

If you like the content of either blog–if one of the lessons has improved your life in some way, or if being a little more vegan has made you feel a little better–please give back via the Donation button at the top.

Be sure to let us know what you think. You can, of course, catch me on your social media of choice by simply looking for me by name.