What’s Your Vacation?


We had 3 guests visit us over the last 2 weeks (when it is winter, people like to vacation in Florida–who would have guessed?). It was interesting because we try to be sure when we have visitors, we give them enough space and offer some novel things to do that we think might interest them. We also want to be sure they have a chance to do everything they wanted to do if they came with ideas of their own.

Each of our 3 guests, I think, had a completely different vacation.

Guest Number 1 came here to relax. She wanted to spend time coloring and having drinks with friends. She was up for pretty much any adventure in between those things–so we took her ziplining, paddleboarding (but it was too windy so we bailed on that), and walking along some trails on the Bay.

Guest Number 2’s ideal vacation was straightforward: spend time on the beach. Wake up on the beach. Lay out in the sun on the beach. Eat oysters by the beach. So we went to Clearwater Beach, Treasure Island, and R-Bar…a highly recommended oyster bar (I had tater tots).

Guest 3 was younger and wanted to see the nightlife and get some sun. Clubs, girls, drinks, sun, and laughter–perfect vacation for this one. Ybor City, St. Pete, the River Walk, Hard Rock, and Pier 60.

When I go on vacation (even if just around Tampa), I want to explore and find great vegan food. I will walk for miles, enjoying the architecture and scenery of a city, in between dropping by local coffee shops and veg-friendly restaurants. Drinking is optional. Beach is optional. I don’t care about museums or history tours or bars or dancing or sitting on a beach. I want to go on an adventure, see the parks, look at the buildings, and do at least one  thing I haven’t done before.

It turns out the ideal vacation is the one you enjoy, not the one you travel the farthest to or pay the most for.

It was great having friends and family visit. As the host, you can never be sure people are having a great time (unless they keep coming back, I suppose, but not everyone wants the same vacation twice).

Maybe the best part of vacation, though, is when it is over. Looking back and enjoying the memories again. Maybe the best vacation is the one you are quickest to remember with a smile.