Catch That Train


On my way to work the other day, I heard the most jarring sound. A sound I had not heard since I moved to Tampa, Florida from Grand Rapids, Michigan. It yanked me into reality and I had to find the source.

The sound was a train horn.

It was so strange and familiar. I did not realize I have not heard the sound of a train in almost a year, a daily interruption in Michigan.

Clearly, there are trains in Florida (I just told you about one) and I do not know if not hearing them is strictly a coincidence of where I live or if they are rare, but what strikes me is how quickly I have grown accustomed to not having that sound in my life.

There are many forgettable things in our daily lives, thankfully. The important thing is, of course, to remember the really important stuff. I wouldn’t suggest a train horn is a good or bad thing to never forget but whatever the good stuff is for you… don’t let a day go by where you let it fade into the background, only to remember it later, when it stands out because it has been goneĀ for so long.


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Michael Salamey

People are made of many things, but only a few things define a person. For me, those things are Philosophy, Leadership, and Health. I help independently owned and ethically run businesses break through communication obstacles and challenge conventional thinking. Sometimes that means delivering insightful marketing content; sometimes it means having tough but compassionate conversations. All the time, it means communicating and building relationships with honesty and integrity. I am a vegan, an individualist, and occasionally a man willing to risk everything to reach a goal. I am known for being uncompromising in my values, and for being someone who dares to own his own life.