Practice Makes… More Practice

On weekdays, I share a lesson learned in life. Today’s lesson is about consistency…


I was re-reading last Thursday’s post, “A Buddhist Monk Walks Into a Bar…” and I realized later that very day I completely bombed at taking my advice. Like total, miserable, utter failure. Rather than dispassionately observe my emotions and move on, I blew my top when I come home to find our new puppy had gone number two, rolled in it, traipsed it around the house, and buried his toys in it.

Ugh. Bad Puppy Daddy!

Once I regained my composure and reflected on the event, I realized how, well… ashamed I am of my behavior there. Of course, the puppy was just being a puppy, doing what puppies do. Yet, I handed over complete control of my life and emotions to the equivalent of a mildly retarded toddler. It is a bit embarrassing to share about it, actually.

The lesson, I could say, is to remember to practice what I preach, but there is more to it than that. I do practice what I preach. However, I do not practice what I preach all the time. After writing a lesson every day for nearly two years, I can not remember to apply every lesson every day. Besides, no doubt some of my lessons conflict with each other because… human.

The real lesson today, I think, is to remember we have access to every lesson we have learned at any time and if we just stop for one second and think, “Where have I seen this before?”, I bet we can remember a life-lesson that applies.

Or, put another way, practice does not make perfect. Emotions, situations, and circumstances remove “perfect” by default. Practice only generates more practice.

Never stop practicing. It’s the only sure way to become better.



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