A Buddhist Monk Walks Into A Bar…

Each weekday I share a life-lesson learned. Here is today’s lesson…


I heard James Altucher share a version of this anecdote on his Question of the Day podcast with Stephen Dubner. I am paraphrasing and I don’t know if this is something James heard or made up, but here goes…

When a Buddhist Monk walks through a town, he notices everything. And when he leaves, the town remains untouched.

When you are in the heat of an argument or dealing with a tough situation, think about this. The “town” is the emotions involved (yours and theirs) and your consciousness (or “ego” or “brain”, if you prefer) is the monk.

Take notice of all the emotions and feelings. Acknowledge them, but leave them untouched. When you finally walk away, you will find the town is fine, and you were not a reckless vandal who rampaged through it. You are fine, too.

Have a nice walk.




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