Drop Your Pants!

Each day I look back and figure out what lesson I learned. Then, because I am slightly crazy, I broadcast it to the world via this blog.


I like to experiment. That has led me to embrace some seemingly silly things that have had profound effects, and I am adding another one to the list: giving up my belt.

I have been belt free for a couple weeks now, actually, but I wasn’t sure if it was going to stick (I’m still not sure but I figure I can’t ignore it here since I write about my other experiments).

It turns out not wearing a belt might have some interesting effects, mostly for men. Belts tighten around the waist and constrict the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (yeah, I had to look that up, too–it’s a real thing). For some people, wearing a belt each day can actually cause permanent nerve damage.

I don’t have lateral femor-whatever nerve damage I am aware of. I am giving up my belt because it is one less thing I have to think about each day. I don’t have to pick what belt to wear and I don’t have to loop it through my pants or wrestle with how tight to cinch it today. It probably saves me no more than 10 seconds each day, but times seven, that is 1 minute and 10 seconds per week for the remainder of my life. If I live another 50 years (to a conservative 92 years old)… I just gave myself an additional 50.6 hours (or a little more than 2 days) of productive time for living!

The only practical reason for wearing a belt at all is to keep my pants up but I can not remember the last time my pants actually fell down and my belt saved the day. I think I would rather take my chances and have an extra 2 days of life.

Just in case, though, I tossed a belt into my work bag (but I haven’t needed it yet!).

All in all, I have to say… I think I feel a little more comfortable and a little more vulnerable (naked even) without it, but only when I notice it is not there. Funnily enough, no one else seems to have noticed it isn’t there either, which tells me I worried too much about the fashionability of my belts–apparently nobody cares.

Going belt free is working for me. What can you give up to make your life just 10 seconds easier each day, for an extra few days of living?