Find Your Zen Place

I look back at each day and consider what I learned from it. Then, I share each day’s lesson on this blog. Here is today’s…


I never thought I would love Stand-Up Paddleboarding. I never even considered it as a hobby, but now I am a total fanboy of this leisure sport. I figured out why.

When I am on the water, I find it easy and natural to do what I struggle to do as a novice with meditation. I can shut everything out and focus on being present. The rest of the world sort of fades into the ether while I am on my board, staring at the water and shoreline for the next interesting creature, plant, or nook to explore.

In those moments, I am not calculating how to improve processes, not budgeting, not worried about personal issues or struggles, not thinking about relationships, not even wondering if my hair looks alright. I am just watching for cool fish, colorful birds, or amazing ecology in action. I can’t even name half the fish or birds I see. I don’t care. I am just enjoying the moment every time I get out there.

I don’t know what your little place of zen is, but I encourage you to find one if you don’t have one. After a few hours of Stand-Up Paddleboarding, I always feel refreshed, relaxed, and ready to let the world back in.