What’s Measured Is Manag… Actually, It’s Just Measured.

Don’t invest in something you have no interest in.


“What is measured is managed,” is a phrase made popular by leadership guru Peter Drucker, and bandied about by would-be leaders. I used it myself a few days ago to point out the importance of collecting data. After debating in favor of collecting specific metrics to measure productivity, I had a stark realization.

“Listen,” I said, “I will always favor more data because I believe knowledge is useful, but if we are not committed to doing anything with the data, then let’s not collect it for the sake of collecting it. We have more important things to do.”

What is measured is not managed. It is just measured. What’s measured is measured. If no one does anything with the information, then it is useless.

The group was in agreement. There is nothing wrong with collecting data but we decided data collected for the sake of collecting data is not useful data. It is busy work. Since we are a team that is not focused on trying to fill the hours in a day but rather focused on accomplishing results, we ditched the reports I was fighting for and I could not be happier about conceding defeat.

By not sticking to my guns, I probably saved hours of time and energy spent by people typing numbers into a spreadsheet no one will read and take action with.

Some fights are worth losing if everyone wins.