It’s Not As Good As You Think

The funny thing about writing is… yours always sucks.


Because I blog daily, it does not leave much time for editing. That is probably a good thing because before I started publishing content every day, I would publish once per month or less. My pieces were long and polished to a fault. I never built an audience because I barely created reading material for them.

Some days (well, if I am being honest–most days), I have to work my brain hard to create content, or I am not in the mood to write, or I am busy with other things and it is tough to publish that day, etc.

Every now and then, though, I furiously write a piece I think is going to generate a big reaction. I am always wrong, but in the midst of writing it, I think it is a tour de force of creation, wit, wisdom, and intellectual prowess. I don’t even read it over to check for typos. It is just that good. Then I go back and read it a week later and it is the worst thing I think I have ever written. There are typos, run-on sentences, meandering thoughts in the middle, muddy logic, and amateur errors.

This is probably one of the pieces. If I have time, I will edit it and republish, but the curse of daily content is I rarely get to go back and polish a mediocre post into a great post.

A great tip for aspiring writers is to always let your work “breathe” before you edit it. Write everything down. Wait a week (or ten), and then re-read it. You will not believe you wrote it. Only do this once or twice, though.

The only thing worse than sharing not-your-best work is sharing no work at all.