Old Friends Die Hard

Love never dies… and neither does a great friendship.


My childhood best friend (who was my best friend for 18 years) has been dead almost as long as he was alive. Mike (yep–same name and our birthdays were less than a day apart), was the reason I wanted to find my way in the world and be something more than the people I saw around me. His intelligence and wit shined.

He was the first leader I ever knew. People were drawn to him and wanted to follow him anywhere. Little did I know I would be dispensing advice he gave me when we were barely out of our teens, more than two decades later.

While sitting with¬†a friend who is single and was lamenting about not having found a good partner yet, I quipped, “Being single: greatest days, worst nights.” My friend said, “Right. Your friend Mike told you that, right?” He had never met Mike. Nicole never met Mike but knows him as if he is an old high-school buddy who has just moved away but we still chat over the phone. In other words, although Mike has been gone for more time than we knew each other, he is still an active participant in my life.

You probably have a friend like this (living or passed) and may not even realize their impact in your life.

People come and go in our lives every day, most of them disappearing into obscurity. The best people, though, they are like Mike.

Truly best friends are immortal. They live with you forever.