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Today’s Lesson: Share your goofy ideas. They might become good ones.


The lesson I learned today has nothing to do with the idea I am about to share. The lesson is to share an idea. Having an idea and talking about it stretches your imagination, works your brain, and helps breed creativity, which leads to newer, better, stronger ideas. Even if none of your ideas become reality, they might become seeds for somebody else’s idea which may turn into a real thing… like doors that magically open when you walk up to them.

When Gene Roddenberry dreamed up automatic sliding doors for the original Star Trek series, it was something he imagined would happen another 400 years from now. However, the idea sprouted in other people’s minds and took form. Today, when we walk up to a grocery store and the doors whoosh open, we do not even think twice about it.

So here is my (admittedly poorly thought out) idea:

When you shop for something on Amazon, do you read the reviews before buying? I do. I check the reviews for any online product before I buy it. I even check reviews for products I have no intention of buying online. Some reviewers, though, are prolific. They review on multiple sites, they gain trust, and are essentially certified by sites like Amazon. They provide thorough information and are genuinely eager to help.

What if there was a new social media site (I don’t know, maybe “” or something) where all of a person’s reviews are gathered in one place?


No matter what you review, no matter what site you post your review on, you can link all your reviews to UReview (or whatever you call it). Reviewers can build credibility and reputation scores by votes and endorsements from other trusted reviewers.

Rather than search for the same product on 10 sites and checking all the reviews on each site, search for the product review from a trusted, verified reviewer on one site, then just pick the site you want to buy it from.

People can review anything: books, movies, boats, shoes, pet medications, whatever. If you want to know if something is good, you go to this site.


Anyway, if you decide to run with my idea, just remember me if it is a huge success. An annual check for 5% of the profits would be pretty cool. Just throwing it out there…

You never know what will happen with any idea you share with people, but you certainly know what happens with any idea you share with nobody.





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