Baby Peacocks Are Ugly.

Today’s Lesson: You never know when you will blossom… and you never have to stop blossoming. 


Right by my office, there is a neighborhood filled with peacocks. I walk over there most days during my lunch to marvel at them. Luckily, peacocks do not worry much about self-esteem, especially when they are young. It is a good thing, too, because here is what a baby peacock looks like:

baby peacock

I know. It’s not really ugly. It is kind of adorable but still, compared to what this tiny brown alfalfa-haired dust mop is going to look like when it is all grown-up…

adult peacock

It is almost unbelievable. I’m no Brad Pitt but I never thought I would grow up to be handsome. I felt a lot like a baby peacock until I was well into my twenties. When I began having confidence in who I was, I began looking more confident. When I began learning about who I wanted to become (by learning ethics, values, morality, and philosophy–all of which happened after the drudgery of going to school), I began growing into that person. This is me as a kid:

MJS- Me and IbrahimI’m the ugly little girl on the right (shut up–it was the seventies!).  Eventually, I blossomed…

MJS, Kaleidoscope- 130911
…but the cool part is… I’m still blossoming. I don’t know if it is true you can become more handsome with age (sure looks like peacocks do), but I know it is true you can become a better person with age… and that never has to stop until you do.