Replace HR With Plumbers

Today’s Lesson: Choosing your team does not stop at choosing your team.


Here are two ways people are hired:

1. Hire a worker–a professional sought for their expertise, value, and reputation.

“Welcome to Acme Corporation! We have screened a ton of applicants based on their skills, attitudes, and experiences, then narrowed them down to our top choices through a bunch of interviews, and then picked you because we think you are the best of the best! You have expertise in areas where we need help. You have experience successfully doing what we are hoping you will successfully do for us. You have a winning, ‘can-do!’ attitude we hope will fit, and enhance, our existing culture and team!

“Now, here are all the ways we are going to hamper you from doing what we hired you for. This is our rule book–don’t do any of this stuff or wear any of that stuff or share any stuff. These are our politics–be sure not to step on the wrong toes–we all work in fear here! TheseĀ are our old, out-dated traditions. We hired you to help us move past them (because what we were doing before wasn’t working or else we wouldn’t need you). We are going to ask you for your input but we have no intention of actually challenging or changing any of our old ways–and don’t forget the politics-thing. Anyway, welcome aboard! We value our team and believe in doing the best work possible for our customers (as long as you do not try to shake things up).”

2. Hire a plumber–a professional sought for their expertise, value, and reputation.

“Dude, thank God you’re here! There is water everywhere. We tried turning the valve-thingy and nothing happened. We’ll pay whatever it takes. Just please fix it!”
Which hired professional do you think will generate faster, better results? Is your company hiring workers or plumbers?