Who Is Working Against You?

Today’s Lesson: Not everyone likes you.


I love this quip from Sam Harris. In an interview with Dan Carlin, he said, “There are forces aimed at your life that you are not aware of.”

He was referring to terrorists, I think, but I love the quote without context. No matter how much integrity you have or how well you conduct yourself, there will be people who work against you–sometimes in your face, sometimes behind the scenes. Even Gandhi had enemies he was unaware of (and was ultimately shot and killed by one).

My theory is since some people will hate or resent me no matter what I do, I might as well continue learning and growing and becoming a better person according to my standards instead of somebody else’s. I obviously can not live up to everyone else’s standards (since there are as many standards as people) and no matter which person’s I chose, there would still be forces working silently against me.

Therefore, the only expectations I should try to live up to… are mine.

(I should make a quick point here: living up to my standards does not mean I should accept myself as I am and to hell with everyone else–they just have to deal with it. My standards, like me, should always be evolving as I learn, grow, and adapt to the world I create and contribute to.)