No, Thank YOU.

Today’s Lesson: Practice what you preach, and keep practicing.


One of my lessons from last week (and one of the most clicked on) was my post called, “Just Say Thank You.”

Since writing it, I have been caught violating my principle on an almost daily basis! It probably should be no surprise when I post advice publicly, the public also expects me to follow my advice…

Nicole praised me for being patient with her one day and, instead of responding properly, I debated whether the duties of a good boyfriend include being patient (I dismissed her compliment by saying I was just doing what anyone would do). I should have said, “Thank you.”

At work, my boss let me know he was going to pay mileage for me to travel to another site. Instead of being grateful for the reimbursement, I pointed out the mileage and time were the same I would have driven to work anyway, just in another direction. He said, “That’s not the point.” What I meant to say, of course, was “Thank you.”

My trainees offered to pay for my lunch to show appreciationĀ for training them. I declined the offer twice before accepting. Rather than turn them into bullies about giving me food, I should have just said, “Thank you!”


I can go on but you get the idea. When you set the standard for something, be sure to hold yourself accountable first. Otherwise, get used to the taste of crow.