What Would You Do With An Extra Day?

Today’s Lesson: What makes you think, if you had more time, you would use it any differently?


Having an extra day off over Memorial Day weekend was nice, but when the weekend was over, I still found myself thinking I could use another day off to catch up!

I do not know if it is a sign of being over-stressed, over-worked, or of people having bad time management skills but it seems no matter how much time “off” we have, we could always use more. Maybe it is because we really do not have “off” time. We cram it with chores, tasks, and events we know we would not otherwise be able to do or we are so exhausted we waste the time doing nothing of value.

I am beginning to think the problem is not with the amount of time we have to ourselves. The problem is what we do with it and why. If we worked two days each week and had five days off, I bet we would still complain about not having enough time to do everything.

We think life would be different if we had unlimited time but in a sense, we already have unlimited time. Since we never know when or how we might die, we live as if we will live forever. Maybe we should choose an arbitrary future date when we want to have the five most important things in our lives accomplished. Whether we make it to that day is not the point. Living as if we know we only have until that day might change everything.