Be Your Favorite Teacher.

Today’s Lesson: If you want to learn something, go ahead.


“You have great experience with Auto CAD and Microsoft Visio,” I said to the interviewee. “Really impressive knowledge. Was your minor in I.T. or something?”

“Oh, no sir,” he said. “I didn’t study anything technical in college. I have a degree in Journalism. I taught myself Auto CAD and Visio and I am studying to take the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam in a couple weeks, but I have been out of college for years. Just wasn’t for me. I learn whatever I want, now, through the web. I learned Auto CAD from YouTube videos and web tutorials.”


A college degree is a means to an end, but it is not the only means to the only end. You can teach yourself anything someone else can.



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Michael Salamey

People are made of many things, but only a few things define a person. For me, those things are Philosophy, Leadership, and Health. I help independently owned and ethically run businesses break through communication obstacles and challenge conventional thinking. Sometimes that means delivering insightful marketing content; sometimes it means having tough but compassionate conversations. All the time, it means communicating and building relationships with honesty and integrity. I am a vegan, an individualist, and occasionally a man willing to risk everything to reach a goal. I am known for being uncompromising in my values, and for being someone who dares to own his own life.