In the Grand Theme of Things

Today’s Lesson: Watch for patterns.


It is funny how sometimes you notice recurring themes in your life. Your friend, seemingly out of the blue, asks if you remember an obscure story you both had to read in fifth grade. Later that day, you see the same book prominently placed in a window. A couple of days after that, you hear on the news that same story is going to be made into a movie. Before your friend brought it up, you had not seen or thought about the book since fifth grade. Suddenly, it seems like it is everywhere.

I do not know that patterns ultimately mean anything, but I do think the universe is vast and nigh-infinite, which means nearly anything can happen anytime. Regardless of meaning, I think there is sometimes a significance to patterns. Often, they are what I rely on to write these posts. I look back at the day and try to find the common theme that seemed to thread it together.

Here is a fun experiment. Think of your life as a book. Then, find the patterns over the last few years to figure out the theme of this chapter, and give it a title. I think my title, currently, might be, “Changes”.

What would yours be?