The Doctor Is In

Today’s Lesson: Patience is a virtue… until it isn’t.


Our office dog, a charming Shih Tzu known as Doctor Monkey, knows how to get what he wants. Doctor Monkey knows where I hide the treats. He knows how to sucker me out of them, too. Those pleading eyes, the cute little dance with a slight, excited whine…

Doctor Monkey, to his credit, also knows when it is pointless to try. If he hovers around me for more than a few minutes and I am engrossed in my work, he half-heartedly tries a whine or two. If I do not respond, Doctor Monkey casually walks over to Bill’s office where he knows he has another opportunity to get what he wants.

Follow Doctor Monkey’s lead. Use your tried and true techniques to achieve success first. If they are not working, though, don’t keep hanging around waiting for magic to happen. Change your approach or move on to the next opportunity.




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Michael Salamey

People are made of many things, but only a few things define a person. For me, those things are Philosophy, Leadership, and Health. I help independently owned and ethically run businesses break through communication obstacles and challenge conventional thinking. Sometimes that means delivering insightful marketing content; sometimes it means having tough but compassionate conversations. All the time, it means communicating and building relationships with honesty and integrity. I am a vegan, an individualist, and occasionally a man willing to risk everything to reach a goal. I am known for being uncompromising in my values, and for being someone who dares to own his own life.