How Do People Know You?

Today’s Lesson: Know who your strangers are.


I have been blogging a long time (about ten years) so it is no surprise that I my blog has an audience, despite doing virtually no promotion for it, other than sharing on social media when a new post goes up.

Other than my friends sharing posts they like, I have no idea how people find any of my articles amid the deluge of information on the internet. Incidentally, I do not think any other bloggers know where their audience comes from, either. Even those who do a lot of shameless promoting or advertising are usually just shooting in the dark and hoping something hits.

What is interesting to me, though, is where most of my audience comes from. Every day I post, I share it on Facebook and I can see when some people “Like” it, or comment, etc. WordPress (my platform of choice) and Google Analytics offers cool statistics, too, like how many times a particular post has been viewed and from what country the click originated (Brazil loves me for some reason–I’ll have to visit one day!). Sometimes (not very often to be honest) someone will +1 my post on Google or “favorite” it on Twitter.

Oddly, though, most people who like my blog do not come from Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. They come from Tumblr, where I do almost zero interacting. My posts automatically connect to my Tumblr blog, which I set up a year ago and have not looked at except in passing since. If you are looking to start your own blog or want to share quirky thoughts, art, or quotes, Tumblr might be a good place to start.


I am glad to have an audience. It’s cool that people like what I am doing and occasionally share it. It is even cooler, though, to learn how strangers learn about you and how far your life actually extends.