Waking Up Tired

That fuzzy-headed, throbbing-pulsing, vision blurring moment when you wake up and remember you only fell asleep an hour and a half ago…


Since I don’t drink alcohol that often, it is pretty rare for me to hang up having regretted the night before. I know the feeling, though, of waking up nauseous to a spinning room. Sometimes it happens just from having too much fun the night before and not going to bed early enough.

Nicole and I spent most of last night making each other laugh when we knew we both needed to be up early. The only problem was, we were having so much fun it seemed worth it.

It totally was.

Of course, we both woke up tired and added an extra shot to our lattes but a little lost sleep is only regrettable if the penalty is lasting damage to your health, wealth, or well-being.


Today’s Lesson: You should always get plenty of rest. Except when it is more fun not to (but observe the difference between really having fun and sort-of being entertained–only one of them is worth it).