You Don’t Know Jack (But You Should if You Are Buying a Mattress)

Want to sleep better? I know a guy who can help…


I rarely make a plug for another person or business on my blog but I had an experience so good, I wanted to share it with you and make it today’s lesson.

Jack has a unique business. He runs a site called The Mattress Nerd. The site itself is a detailed review site to help mattress shoppers cut through marketing jargon and sales obfuscation and do legitimate mattress comparisons. There are many sites like that and although The Mattress Nerd is very good that is not what sets it apart that prompted my blog post.

I have been shopping for a mattress since Nicole and I moved to Tampa and have been bludgeoned into stupidity by the misdirection and intentional deceit rampant in the industry. I tripped across The Mattress Nerd while trying to decide if purchasing a mattress I have been hearing about on podcasts is a good idea. While reading Jack’s review of the mattress I noticed a link to a Comparison Shopping service (and this is where it gets good–I promise!)…

For FREE, Jack took the information I had already and I offered a little about my history with mattresses and shopping for them, and he actually comparison shopped my 3 leading choices plus looked at the box spring I had in mind, and broke down the jargon, his experience with each based on my needs, and found even lower prices than I was able to (and I am a savvy internet shopper!)!

His turn around time, by the way, was less than 12 hours from when I sent my questions! If you are shopping for a mattress, I encourage you to check out and take advantage of the Comparison Shopping Service.


There are three lessons I learned from Jack today: 

1. You can quit your job and make a living blogging. Jack makes a buck by using affiliate links. When I decided to buy my mattress and box springs, all I had to do was click on the links he sent me and I got them at lower prices than I otherwise would have plus Jack got a tiny kickback from the actual vendors. I feel it is important here to note he never pushed any one product over another. He gave me a straight up comparison and let me know his opinion based on his experience only. If he did not have experience with an item, he let me know as well.

2. You do not have to charge your customer directly. I did not pay a cent to Jack or The Mattress Nerd site for his help. He very cleverly has a personal business set-up like Google (who offers email for free, for example, but makes a tiny profit every time you click a sponsored link). This means Jack’s income depends entirely on the level of value for service that he provided me. If I could have found it cheaper elsewhere or if he did not provide insightful, relevant information, I would have just thanked him for his time and moved on.

3. If you are not an expert at something (like, say, climate change or politics), then do research to form an opinion, but rely on actual experts when it comes to making a decision. Mattress shopping is absurdly complicated with ambiguous jargon and deceptive marketing. I knew after my first two visits to mattress stores that I was out of my depth. I am in no way being asked or paid to endorse Jack’s service or The Mattress Nerd website, but I appreciated the help and insight so much, I had to share. Businesses like that deserve to thrive and if you know someone looking for a new mattress… you should give The Mattress Nerd a try.


Today’s Lessons (recap): There are infinitely clever ways to reach a goal (like starting and running an online business without charging your customers directly). Provide great value and insight without asking or expecting anything in return and you will be rewarded. If you are not an expert, don’t play one on TV. Just ask a real one for help.



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