Paying For Average

If it does not sound too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.


I received a very casual email from an marketer who “noticed” (you know, just by chance) I bought a particular product and, based on that, thought I might be interested in a “very special” offer. The offer, of course, was to buy the product the marketer was shilling for at a supposedly discounted rate in exchange for reviewing the item.

I thought about the offer for a second, then responded to the message. “No, thanks,” I said, “I am not interested in the offer. In fact, I believe buying and reviewing a product on is not normally considered a special offer. They just call it ‘purchasing’, but thanks for thinking of me.”

Undeterred, the marketer asked if I might be interested in buying a different product in the future, in exchange for a review. Needless to say, I was also undeterred.


Today’s Lesson: Just because someone calls something “special” does not mean it is. Do not be fooled into paying extra to do what you would have done anyway.