Leave It All Behind

Sometimes the best way to move on is to move out.


After pricing moving vans, moving crates, and moving services for our transition to the Sunshine State, Nicole and I decided to do something that might seem drastic.

We decided to just leave everything behind.

Whatever I can not fit in my car is either being trashed or donated. It turns out the cost of moving all our clutter (everything from plates and storage jars to lamps, desks, and dressers) is about the same cost for us to just acquire new stuff.

The nice thing is, almost certainly we will not replace every item, one for one. I am betting we will find that many of the things we did not take with us we did not actually need. We will also find which things were really important because they will be replaced first.

As far as I am concerned, this is a great way to edit our lives to the essentials and shed the burdens of our pasts, our consumerism, and our former habits. Starting over is a way to build new habits, shed weight emotionally and (maybe even physically), and learn what parts of our lives are worth keeping. Mostly, though, it helps create space where there was clutter and invites to live our lives better (or to live better lives).


Today’s Lesson: Moving across the country can be costly but carrying your past with you can cost even more.