Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Why are my Rice Krispies Treats so damn good?!?


I make awesome Rice Krispies Treats. I liked their marshmallow-y goodness and crunchy cereal taste as a kid but as an adult I have an even deeper affinity for them. Being vegan, I have to improvise ingredients, obviously, and perhaps surprisingly, my treats are even better than the traditional kind (at least if you ask me or anyone who tries them without knowing they are vegan).

Marshmallows are gross if you think about it. They are made of the ground up animal parts no person would otherwise eat, or even could eat if they wanted to. Vegan marshmallows are pretty interesting, by comparison. They are usually lightly flavored with vanilla which adds a really nice undertone to the flavor of the treats. I will usually add a little vanilla extract (like less than a quarter teaspoonful) but otherwise just follow the standard recipe, with one other notable exception, and this is the exception that changes everything.

Instead of butter (because it is not vegan), I use high quality olive oil. Think about the difference that makes to any recipe calling for butter. Dairy butter is made from the curdled secretions of whatever comes out of a cow’s boobs. It is made almost entirely of the same gross blobby fat so many of us try to rid from our own bodies. Blecch!

Olive oil is the juice squeezed from an olive. That’s it. Technically, it is no more an “oil” than the juice from an orange is “orange oil”. Olive oil is delicious, unprocessed (except for crushing the olives to squeeze the juice out), and healthy in a myriad of ways, depending on the type of olives used. As far as my gooey treats go, olive oil also tapers the sugary overdose of the marshmallow flavor and makes them (in my opinion) taste lighter than their bone-and-fat laden counterparts.

Try it. I promise my (slightly) healthier version won’t kill you and you might even like the vegan version better than the Kellogg’s version.


Today’s Lesson: Being vegan as long as I have (more than a decade) means you really have to know, and LOVE, food, including how to make it taste great! The anti-vegan fear and marketing is everywhere but if you have a vegan friend–have them give you a double-blind taste test and my guess is you will not believe the results…