Don’t Be Yourself.

6 weeks into a modern relationship, you have probably “sealed the deal” but are still on your best behavior to impress each other. It is just the time when things are getting adventurous…


I was listening to a story about a husband who blows his nose at the kitchen table during dinner. The wife was grossed out about it but unsure how to address it tactfully. He never did it outside of the home but didn’t mind doing it at their dinners because it was just him and his wife.

There are many couples who are comfortable “letting go” in front of each other and that is something I have never understood. I think the guidelines of tact, diplomacy, and etiquette are MORE important at home, with your romantic life partner, than anywhere else.

Your relationship with the person you have chosen as a mate is the most important relationship you have. Presumably, you spent your time courting this person, putting your best face forward, sharing your highest values and being on your best behavior to win him or her over. Now that you have them, you want to be your grossest self? That is not okay, in my book.

I cherish the formality Nicole and I have. It provides a foundation for respect and maintains courtship. We have a running joke between us that we have only been dating for six weeks. Some of that is probably to assuage our slight fear of commitment but it also serves as reminder that the relationship is always “new” and we should keep putting our best forward to romance each other and win each other over.

In my view, it is not cool or cute for couples to leave the bathroom door open. It is not okay to belch when it’s just the two of you there. Dutch ovens are not funny (well… okay they are, but only between brothers or friends you do not like that much).


Today’s lesson: What would your relationship look like if it was only 6 weeks old again? OR… Don’t be yourself. Instead, be your BEST self, even when no one is looking.