YouTube Or Mine?

YouTube… it’s not just for watching you on the tube anymore.

YouTube has become one of my favorite sources for entertainment. I used to think of it as only a repository of short clips of random people doing dumb things, ranting about stuff on the internet, product reviews, and sometimes old music videos.

Now I have come to rely on YouTube as a source for actual regular shows with regular programming. It has become as much an alternative to cable for me as Netflix. I find it an especially good source for short, funny shows. Sometimes I only have a few minutes at the end of my day–not a half hour to commit to a show. YouTube is perfect for that.

I love that there is a popular outlet for innovative and creative novelty shows that would otherwise never see the light of day (especially on network television, which is being forced to come into the next century, albeit reluctantly).

Thanks to YouTube (and many other platforms like Vine, Instagram, and even Twitter), the internet has given permission for anyone to create art and share it with the world.

Today’s lesson: There is a lot more art and interesting things in the world than the handful of powerful media conglomerates would have you believe. Check some of them out. Here is a YouTube starter kit (some of my favorite shows you can subscribe to):

Kid Snippets (family friendly skits of adults acting out scripts read by kids)

Honest Trailers (not always safe for work, but very funny movie recaps)

The Vegan Zombie (entertaining vegan cooking show… with zombies!)

Cyanide and Happiness (definitely controversial but very funny cartoons)

SciShow (well… a show about science; family friendly and entertaining)