All roads lead to success…


When you are driving on your way to work and you get a flat tire, you never say, “Awesome! Here is an obvious opportunity for me to overcome adversity while leveraging my skills and ingenuity to conquer an obstacle in my life!” More likely, you say, “SH*T!”

After you have repaired the flat tire, you probably do not drive off feeling heroic and successful but rather are cursing about being late for work and upset about your day starting.

The funny thing is, every problem, trial, argument, challenge, or obstacle we survive is a win. The very act of living against a world and universe that are, frankly, ambivalent about you being alive is a success story. Even famous people today will not matter in 200 million years but the universe will still be around, still caring as much or as little for what is going on around that very average-looking star in the Milky Way galaxy as it ever has. But that is the point. EVERY life is a success story against imminent death and entropy. EVERY time you take a breath, it is a win.

We each have an idea of what success looks like, but it is usually more about how we perceive luck than actual success (which is about how we perceive life). whether you have survived a fire, are going through a bad break-up, starting a new job, moving out-of-state, dealing with a leaky faucet, climbing a mountain, coming out to your family, or just cooking dinner… no matter what challenge or obstacle you are facing, no matter how great or small, success has nothing to do with the outcome. It has everything to do with being there at the end. There is ultimately only one breakdown we are unable to overcome, and thankfully, it is the last breakdown we have to deal with in life… dying, but we have people working on that, too.


Today’s Lesson: Do not let anyone (or anything) else control your idea of success or let you feel like a failure. The fact is, if you are here, you are winning.