A Sunday Nap

Sometimes the best way to spend time with someone is to sleep together…


One of my favorite parts of the weekend is a brief indulgence Nicole and I allow ourselves each Sunday… a nap together.

We almost always enjoy a vegan brunch as part of our Sunday routine (whether at home or at one of our favorite brunch spots), and almost always afterwards we head back to the apartment for a mid-afternoon nap.

It is not just a nap, though. For us, it is an opportunity to carve time out of an otherwise busy week to cuddle and just enjoy being in each other’s presence for an hour or so. Of course, we do not just hop in bed and fall right asleep. The nap is usually preceded by time appreciating each other and chatting (or sometimes not saying anything) and eventually drifting off in each other’s arms (inevitably, Nicole falls asleep on my chest).

I simply can not think of something I would rather do in that hour. By far, our Sunday naps are my favorite part of the weekend.

Today’s lesson: Whether it is a nap, or a regularly scheduled game of checkers, or an afternoon dessert together, or whatever… create a regular, predictable time for you and someone you cherish to connect without interruption. I would say several times per week is best but at least once each week enjoy the company of the person or people you choose to spend your life with. That way, you are sure you are actually spending your lives together instead of wasting your lives together.