10 Ways to Get People to Read Your Blog!

If you live your life hinging on the approval or popularity given by others, you will quickly find yourself at the bottom of the ladder you thought you were climbing.

I am not a big fan of titles like the one I used for this post. One of the choices I consciously make for this blog is to avoid “click-bait”, a term used by marketers to describe headlines that are purposefully designed to get you to click on them.

Here are a few from my Facebook feed today (I am not posting the links because I do not want to promote their content; these are just the titles of articles–they are probably in your feed, too):

7 Delicious Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Without the Turkey

7 Photography Tricks You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Could Do

What This Dad Caught His Daughter Doing in the Car May Be the Cutest Thing Ever

29 Passive-Aggressive Windshield Notes That Forgot How to Passive

3 Best-Ever Discipline Practices That Parents of Teenagers Need to Know

Men Learned to Explore the World to Get Laid

You get the idea. They usually try to draw you in with a number, “10 Ways to…” and then a hot or trending topic, “…tell if your boyfriend is cheating”, often to do with sex. Celebrity and sex always work… celebrity sex might be even better. They use vague but compelling lines so you will click… and usually find the story itself is either mostly unrelated to the headline or at least a lot less sensational.

Anyway, today’s lesson is this: if you want more people to read your blog, just write great content, and repeat that process often. You don’t have to pull in masses to be a success anymore. The internet makes the world smaller and a blog that delivers amazing results and great content to five people is more powerful, in my opinion, than one that delivers recycled click bait and social media fodder to five million.

Or, put another way: you define your success as much as your success defines you.