Today’s Lesson: How Much Should Your iPhone Cost? [141025]

“I can’t believe how expensive these new phones are!”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I could retire now. I am shocked at how quick people are to complain about prices of things they could not have even imagined would exist a decade ago.

What should the value be of a device that replaced your $200 camera (plus the cost of film, flash bulbs, and processing), and your $250 video-camera (plus the cost of bulky VHS tapes and extra battery packs, a tape rewinder, cleaning kit, and a VHS player to play it), plus your $300 Gameboy (and all the individual games and accessories), your $50-$500 watch, your $500-$1,000 big, bulky computer, monitor and desk, your $60 beeper, your entire music collection (and now even your video collection), every encyclopedia, dictionary, and other book you ever owned, your Franklin Planner, stopwatch, alarm clock, home phone, black book, recipe collection, etc… how much should a device that does all that and more cost?

The many thousands of dollars in technology and storage that we all used to clutter our homes and bodies with now literally fits in our pocket at a fraction of the cost and we have the audacity to whine that smartphones are too expensive?

Nothing has ever been as cool or as useful in all of human history as any mid-tier smartphone today. The truth is, we should marvel that we do not have to finance them over 5 years at Tesla-like car prices!

Yeesh. If we slept on king-sized levitating beds covered with gold-infused satin sheets, I think many of us would complain about one corner being too hot.


Today’s lesson is… some people are just committed to never being happy.




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