Today’s Lesson: How Hard Is It To Be Vegan? [141016]

The question I am asked probably more than any other is, “Is it hard to be vegan?”

There are many reasons to choose a vegan lifestyle. Many people make the choice not to eat or wear other animals because it is a healthier way to live. Some people are animal rights advocates and choose to be vegan to show solidarity, of sorts, with our animal friends.

I am vegan because it is logical, and I value rational self-interest very highly.

I am ambivalent about the idea of eating animals out of necessity. If I were stuck on a deserted island with only a cow for sustenance, I would eat the cow.  However, I am not stuck on a deserted island, there is no scarcity of any food in my country, and I have no need to eat other animals to survive. I can be perfectly healthy without eating meat or dairy products with absolutely zero side effects and many bonuses (such as weight loss, mental acuity, needing less sleep, higher self-esteem, more energy, etc.). Even better, I can enjoy these benefits without bringing harm to anything that feels pain. It is a win-win.

In the 21st century, if you can be perfectly healthy without murdering or causing suffering, then why on earth wouldn’t you? It is an easy decision in my mind. I am glad that we no longer have to live like barbarians; I only wish more people would choose not to.

I like being vegan because I have found many new favorite foods and new ways of eating my old favorites. I can anticipate enjoying a better and longer life, and I sleep well knowing I have helped the environment and my body without causing pain to others. It makes me feel lighter both in body and spirit.

The way I see it… vegan is not the only choice, but it is the only logical choice.



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