Today’s Lesson: Embrace Change Like a Warm Fuzzy Panda [140902]

I like to change my look once in a while. Last year, I let my grow hair long. This year it is more like a Caesar cut. I went from wearing shorts and t-shirts or polos to giving away my tees in place of collared button-downs.

Embracing change is important. It helps us learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and when we are out of our comfort zone, we are led to learn and grow.

When I had long hair, it was a learning experience (I learned I didn’t like it!). I had to change how I cared for it and I noticed how other people perceived me differently. Just a simple change to my look actually changed others!

What can you change today about your habits, or your look, or your demeanor to see if you can improve your life by doing one small thing differently?


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