Today’s Lesson: Replay [140823]

One of the great things about posting a daily lesson is the challenge of looking back over the day.

Before you go to bed tonight, replay your day in your mind. Play back as much as you can remember, in order, from the time you got out of bed until the time you started playing it all back.

I have found some interesting insights from my daily playback. Here are just a few:

  1. Even on days when I feel totally unproductive, I am often surprised by how much I accomplished.
  2. Something good happened every day. Every day. It may not always be something great but I have yet to find a day when I did not have at least one reason to smile.
  3. I forget much more than I remember. It usually takes me less than an hour to play back an entire day’s events in my mind. I am not sure if a lot of it was simply forgettable or if I am not great at detail or if it is just too much data to cram into my tiny brain and find storage space for all of it, but it is staggering how much of a day simply seems to vanish from my life each day. To me, that insight is both depressing and profound.

Today’s lesson, then: Memory Lane is more of an expressway and if you live too fast, you will miss a lot of the important stuff. In life, the point is not to get where we are all going (because we are all headed to the same destination)… the point is to enjoy the ride there.





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