The Figure 8

You have to understand

there will never be any other

before her.

As there has been no other

after her.


She is the continuous line

of my life,

drawing itself into a perfect




Leading me to me

in radials and spirals and circumferences of Pi.

And when her circle kisses mine,

this gets multiplied

by infinity.



Published by

Michael Salamey

People are made of many things, but only a few things define a person. For me, those things are Philosophy, Leadership, and Health. I help independently owned and ethically run businesses break through communication obstacles and challenge conventional thinking. Sometimes that means delivering insightful marketing content; sometimes it means having tough but compassionate conversations. All the time, it means communicating and building relationships with honesty and integrity. I am a vegan, an individualist, and occasionally a man willing to risk everything to reach a goal. I am known for being uncompromising in my values, and for being someone who dares to own his own life.

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