Obsession To Possession

I wait to feel her cool bare feet, crossed, resting lazily on my thigh.

I wait to trace a trail of mystic birds migrating across her naked shoulder. I turn my Self to smoke and wait for her to slowly… to slowly inhale.

I wait to softly, to softly place my lips on the tender curve of her neck like a wish, there and lost in the same breath.


I wait, oh I wait… to coil

around her hot spine and peer into her dreams,

to press the weight of my arm against her chest and pull her close as she easily rests, as she lazily wrests…

in slumber.


I wait… patiently? No, no… I wait, still, still… curious in motion, a pause in action,

waiting for momentum to play that moment that changes everything


from Obsession to Possession.



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