First Class Marketing

First Class Dryer 1- 050410

This was the hair dryer in my room at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Denver, CO. Here is today’s Marketing lesson. If you have to tell me something is “First Class”… it probably isn’t.

This goes the same for outrageous claims like, “World’s best coffee!” or “America’s favorite burger!” (really? The best coffee in the entire world? After a meticulous search across every continent, it turned out the best coffee anywhere is right here in Dearborn, Michigan—world renowned for it’s great…coffee? Who knew? America’s favorite burger? When was everyone in America polled? I don’t remember voting on that one; do you?).

If you have a great product, the world will let you know, not the other way around. The Grand Hyatt’s cheap hair dryer was produced by a company called “Jerdon”, not by the Grand Hyatt itself, but it is a reflection on the hotel nonetheless. The hair dryer is part of the experience of staying at the Grand Hyatt.

Incidentally, another part of the Grand Hyatt Denver experience is the odd fact that such a seemingly prestigious hotel does not offer free internet to guests or a complimentary breakfast. To get online, the cost was $9.95 for 24 hours (of which, of course, you would likely use less than 2 hours). Breakfast would run most guests at least as much. Oddly, there is a Starbucks within 30 feet of the hotel entrance where I could get free wi-fi and breakfast for less than 8 dollars.

The Grand Hyatt has it wrong. There is a lot of competition in the downtown Denver hotel market and my guess is unless the Grand Hyatt steps up to the guest experience of comparable nearby hotels (like the Magnolia, for example), their “first class” hair dryers will not make up for their last place Marketing.


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