Oct 012014


The last few days I have been feeling under the weather, but I tripped across this quote attributed to Arnold Schwarzenegger… “The mind always fails first, not the body.”


Sometimes it is nice to have a bit of self-pity and pampering when you are feeling sick, but never let it stop you from doing the important stuff on your schedule. I still went for a walk remembering that the primitive part of my mind is desperately trying to hoard energy (that is the mind’s job–conserve energy so it can operate).


However, the primitive part of my mind is not aware that I live in a world of abundance. I do not have to scavenge or forage for food. I do not have to worry about needing energy to run if a lion springs at me out of nowhere. I have ample shelter, food, and people who will take care of me if needed.


So today’s lesson is… your mind will say a lot of stuff to make you hoard food and conserve energy but you don’t have to listen. It’s just the primitive part of you not recognizing you have all that you need and more in today’s society. It is okay to be hungry for a day. It is okay to push yourself a little harder.


Arnold Schwarzenegger had it right. The mind gives up long before the body has to. Just keep going. Your body will thank you later for not always listening to your mind.


Sep 302014


The fly escaped again! This was my fifth attempt to set this dumb creature free and it avoided my help every time.


This house fly has been hanging out on my screen for more than a week. It never leaves but it continually tries to get out, except it only tries to exit via the screen. Not so bright.


I know it’s brain is smaller than mine but I have to wonder how many times I have used the same strategy in life. There have been times when I have been trapped by my own bad decisions and kept trying the only answer I thought was available. My friends and family probably saw obvious solutions but I was determined to do it my way, even to my detriment.


This has been mostly true in relationships (where everybody saw the train coming except me) but I have certainly been stupidly stubborn in other areas.


Sometimes you should reconsider the guidance of others if you keep trying the same solution to the same problem and getting nowhere. If everyone keeps telling you to use the door but you are insistent on trying to climb out the window and keep getting thwarted by the screen… maybe just try the handle once.


Incidentally, I finally caught the fly and set it free outside. I think it is now sitting on the screen outside trying to get back in. Some flies just don’t learn…


Sep 292014


We all feel overwhelmed at times.


Work, family, and personal stress can mount and sometimes many events cascade and need resolution at the same time.


No matter how much you have planned for a day, no matter how much pressure you accept from others (and any pressure placed on you must be accepted by you), and no matter how stressed or powerful you feel… you can only accomplish in a single day whatever you accomplished that day.


Obviously, you can’t go back and add another three tasks to yesterday. If you do not get something done today, then it simply was unable to fit in today. You chose other priorities.


Never stress about what did not happen. You are always doing the thing that is most important to you in a given moment (or else you would be doing something else, right?).


The word “overwhelmed” is a verb in the dictionary, but I think that is wrong. “Overwhelmed” is not an action or a state of being. Rather, it is a descriptive word like “green” or “clever”. The distinction is important. By removing “overwhelmed” from your list of verbs (action words) and transferring it to your list of adjectives (descriptive words), you essentially transform it from an inherent state of being to a choice of descriptors.


“Overwhelmed” is a choice, not a fact. We demonstrate this all the time, too. If your boss tells you she needs the TPS report by 9 am, you might drop everything to do it, rearranging your priorities. You accept the pressure. If a stranger walks up to you and demands you wash her car, you might laugh at her. No pressure because you would never accept it as a priority in your life.


So… the next time you feel overwhelmed, drop the façade. You accepted the pressure. Either embrace the challenge or choose other priorities (of course, that also means you accept the consequences of your choices but that is a different lesson…).