Sep 012014

Technology is a two-headed beast. Thanks to things like email and FaceBook, it easier than ever to connect. Interestingly, today is Labor Day in the U.S. (a holiday to celebrate workers by giving them the day off) and I enjoy seeing how friends and family are spending their day on FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media sites. The down side is I also had 13 work emails before 1 o’clock, plus text messages and instant messages.

Before the proliferation of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other connected devices, a day off was just that. A day “off”. There was no way for your bosses or peers to inundate you with reports, kudos, or questions while you were at the beach with your family or sleeping in to celebrate not being tethered to your alarm clock.

There is no denying the magic, power, and marvel of an always-connected world but it is clear we are still in the infancy of the Technological Revolution. We are figuring out how to use technology to enhance lives but I am not so sure we are very good (yet) at leveraging technology to improve life.

(In case you are wondering, the irony of using technology to complain about abuse of technology is not lost on me… but it is a daily blog about one lesson I learned in life so you were probably expecting it, right?)



Aug 312014

There was a lazy moment this weekend where Nicole and I were killing time while visiting family.

My mom and dad were napping, mom sleeping in dad’s arms on the couch.

Nicole remarked how cute it was that they napped curled up in each other’s arms. That’s common for my parents; I had not given it a thought but I have definitely seen couples married more than 30 years that rarely sit on the same couch together, let alone nap like young lovers still discovering each other.

I think the lesson here is to hold onto that thing that made you fall in love in the first place. Our actions develop into habits which become expectations. A kiss goodnight, for example, starts as an expression of love, then develops into a good habit, and then only becomes noticed when it is missing because it is expected… but we are, at that point, as appreciative and mindful of the kiss as we are of brushing our teeth. It’s just something we do before we go to bed.

Of course, the answer, isn’t simply “nap together”–the point is to remember to be in love.


Aug 302014

Almost every day when I walk the apartment parking lot to check the mail, I see litter strewn on the ground (usually fast food wrappers, empty soda cups, crushed cigarette boxes, or beer bottles). I pick it up and place it in the big trash bins by the carports. I don’t know if other people pick up the trash as they walk by it, but I have never seen anyone else do it.

I have sometimes, out of frustration or because I was in a hurry, walked by a piece of trash only to find it waiting for me a day or two later, right where I left it.

This may seem silly, but today, as I picked up a straw and soda cup top (no cup to be found), and walked them to the bin, I thought of my favorite superheroes.

Perhaps Superman and others don’t do what’s right because they have super powers and they can. Perhaps they just do what is right because no one else will.